In the past year, the “hot” interactive standard H5P has continued to grow in popularity. Many of the institutions that have decided to embrace it are also supporting its continuing development, currently in hands of Joubel, a private development and design agency led by Svein Tore-Griff in Tromsø, Norway, that remains committed to open source. These were some of the revelations found at H5P Con, the first global conference devoted to the technology, that took place in Joubel and H5P’s home town last September.

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The plea for openness is only the first in many philosophical affinities with Moodle. Empowerment is on top of both missions, as it is a brand-new pursuit for usability. Accessibility is also a prominent concern across their development paths, with continuous efforts to make a vast amount of functionalities easy to use, but not distracting if they are not needed.

Educators and designers can already take advantage of the growing list of interactive “content types” H5P offers, which continue to grow, improve, and become easier to customize. But more advanced users were also found at H5P Con training sessions, where they use the H5P framework to create even more new formats. Building a new H5P content type can ring familiar to Moodle plugin developers: the technologies are the same (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP,) the data structure is also in tree-like JSON form, and adding logic to functions and layout elements is simple enough even for novice programmers. A basic code base for a Moodle “H5P Mod” is available to all.

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Find all the presentations in the “H5P Con 2017 Resources” page at

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