Humanitarians Assist Syrian Child Refugees, Up Their Skills Real-Time With Moodle

The Syrian war started in 2011 with civil unrest that mirrored the regional Arab Spring movement. During the past 6 years of escalation into armed conflict, some 7.6 million people of all existing demographics and ethnicities have been internally displaced, and some 5.1 have become refugees in other countries, according to UNHCR. (UN estimates set this number up to a million higher.)

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World Vision International Peacebuilding Programming has developed a Moodle-based blended learning program designed to help Syrian children in Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon during this tumultuous time. In an interview with, Associate Director Dilshan Annaraj explains the approach and the value of Moodle in the humanitarian crisis.

The role Moodle plays in Syria is in easing the quick exchange of information between teams, particularly when it comes to increasing capacity of field staff. The needs of the children are varied, context-specific, and often unknown or improperly diagnosed.

This uncertainty led to the design of a core blended program under a global, yet concrete course of action: Minimize harm. In general terms, teams can quickly identify the measures that can be taken to abide by this principle. But as new and urgent issues arise, staff need to take quick action autonomously. The core principles have helped identify solutions across the crisis’ impact on children, as they arise in each case: food security, water, sanitation, health, and weathering.

Even though the program still requires expert instructors to fly over, Moodle has allowed the quick deployment of new materials and the building of a knowledge base from field experiences, at a lower cost.

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