MoodleMoots are the worldwide conferences of Moodle educators organized to bring together the Moodle community educators, partners and users closer. MoodleMoots also offer you the opportunity to learn from other Moodlers around the globe about the best practices, unheard solutions to different problems and increase your network of people of similar interested persons.
Recently, the MoodleMoot website central portal has seen a complete makeover with a brand new look and all information about the upcoming MoodleMoots around the world. You can easily find the MoodleMoot happening in your country or close by with relevant information like schedule and city.
How to stay updated with all news about MoodleMoots happening around the globe #MoodleCommunity
The best enhancement which I liked the most in new interface is the official MoodleMoot countdown timer in the top showing the time remaining in the next Moot. At present, the next MoodleMoot coming is MoodleMoot Japan, in 24 days, 19 hrs & 50 min.

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Upcoming MoodleMoots in 2017

Here is a list of upcoming Moodle conferences around the world:
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Apart from the brand new MoodleMoot website, there is an official MoodleMoot app available for Android and iOS devices. The app includes all the information around the MoodleMoots including the schedule, speakers, sponsor details, map of the venue & participants etc. You can find more information about the latest MoodleMoot app here.
Which MoodleMoot you are planning to attend this year? Do share your views with us in the comments section below.

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