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The University of Michigan is now presenting: GradeCraft, a game-aided take on LMS. While the tool has been in development for about two years, it has only recently become available for licensing.

GradeCraft puts “Gameful Learning” research into practice. It is comprised of four dimensions:

  • “Flip the frame” to make everyone “start at zero” and build “their way up to success”
  • “Increased autonomy” in students
  • “Freedom to fail” in ongoing attempts without affecting the final grade
  • “Tangible process” using levels, badges, and “unlocks”

Feature by feature, it mirrors Moodle’s offerings, from “unlocking and gating” (Moodle’s Restrict Acccess) to Rubrics to Analytics. It also offers LTI 1.1 compatibility.

Students will have access to competitive gaming features, such as grade predictor and point-based ranking. Students can choose challenges by the amount of points they get and the grading if they complete it. A leaderboard also ranks students’ scores. (Students can choose pseudonyms for the public ranking.)

GradeCraft is available starting at $40 USD for six months, covering one site of up to 350 students. The technology is open source and the code is available at GitHub.

Read a guide on how to get started here. It is broad enough to set up in Moodle as well as any other LMS with the required features.

See some example syllabi here.

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