Are you looking for an improved dashboard for Moodle? Do you feel that other modern-day Moodle competitors have a better dashboard for students to quickly go through their course progress? Within next few weeks Moodle will takeover all other LMS’s with the release of Moodle 3.3 which is power packed with many innovative features along with improved students dashboard.
Moodle User’s Association – the Moodle community platform to contribute to Moodle code, have selected the My Course Dashboard as the project during the Project Development cycle Jan-July 2016. And now Moodle HQ team have released the first prototype of the new project and believe me that it is looking much more than awesome.

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The first feeling which I had after looking at the prototype is like Astonishing., Stunning, Wonderful…… hope that you will also feel like the same.

You can test out the My Overview Block  first prototype through the Moodle’s prototype portal – Currently the project is waiting for Integration review and soon will be available for extensive testing during the QA testing of Moodle 3.3 For more details, check out the Moodle Tracker Issue – MDL-55611.


The new and improved My Overview block provides a quick overview to students as well as teachers about:

  • on the status of activities/resources within a course
  • A teacher progress overview without going into a course.
  • A teachers overview on which activities still need graded.
  • Showing course and/or activity progress within a course for students.

Get ready for improved Moodle dashboard- Check out the first prototype of My Overview block #Moodledev @moodleassoc #Moodle3.3The project is still Work under Progress and may change but still the first prototype is able to enlighten the innovative features coming in Moodle 3.3. The improved dashboard is split in two tabs – Timeline and Courses. The timeline tab provides an overview about the overdue & upcoming deadlines. You can sort the deadlines based on the Date or based on the Courses.
Get ready for improved Moodle dashboard- Check out the first prototype of My Overview block #Moodledev @moodleassoc
The Courses tab provides an overview  about the Progress within the courses as shown in the pic below. You can also checkout your upcoming courses as well  as the past courses.
Get ready for improved Moodle dashboard- Check out the first prototype of My Overview block #Moodledev @moodleassoc
Still not impressed?? Check out the prototype yourself through this link and check out the future of Moodle.
What was your reaction after seeing the My overview block? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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