Get More Deeply Acquainted With Moodle 3.3's Data Model Using This Tool

Moodler Marcus Green has updated his “X-Rays for Moodle” tool, called Moodle ER Diagram, a comprehensive display of the Moodle database. This time, it shows the intricacies of the model that powers Moodle 3.3.

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See our coverage on a previous version of the tool here.

Developers often need visualization tools to make sense of large-scale projects. Their importance is particularly notable when it comes to the architecture of data. Keeping tabs on the many links old and new entries have is vital to keeping data useful. While general tools allow this, Green felt a dedicated tool would benefit Moodlers. He used MySQL Workbench to reverse engineer the tables, fields, and connections. Then he simplified the user interface so less technical users could still make sense of the model.

The tool is available at Click on the drill appearing in some of the tables to open a more detailed window. Beware that some of Moodle’s data is stored under the non-relational, XML scheme.

A plain file with the full breakdown of Moodle’s data model is available here.

Visit an archive of the model for previous Moodle versions.

Check out Green’s Moodle SQL Generator plugin.

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