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The race for the fastest possible way to enroll on a Moodle course is on at Dearborn. The developers at this Public Schools District from the Greater Detroit area, to whom we also owe the “Fordson” theme, are working on “Easy Enrollment”, an Enrolment Type plugin. While it is still in development and testing stage, you can see a demo in action now.

The “Easy Enrollment” plugin adds a small text field on a Moodle Dashboard. When activated on a course, it generates a unique course code. When students log in and enter the code on the field, it instantly enrolls them and takes them to the Course Overview page. It mimics a similar functionality from other LMS such as Classroom.

That’s not all. It includes QR code functionality. A button next to the text field opens a small camera window to add the QR version of the code. It is designed for K-12, so young students can point their device’s camera to a QR code for instant access.

Furthermore, it can create group codes. By adding the code on the homepage field, the user not only enrolls and goes to the Course Overview, but they are already part of a group. This is useful for team projects, for example.

Even thought the plugin is not yet ready for other sites, you can check it out in action in a demo, visiting this page.
Click on “login as guest”.
From here you have two choices:
Put one of these codes on the text field: pbs5w7 or 6b988e
Or, better yet, click on the QR icon and allow the browser to use your camera, then point it to one of these:
Have you seen a faster enrollment method?
Once it is ready, Moodle admins can enable “Easy Enrollments” on the site to enable code and QR generation by teachers.
The “Easy Enrollments” plugin will be available, tentatively, by June. Areas of development include in-site QR code generation and sharing. Once ready, it is expected to come prepackaged in Dearborn’s “Fordson” theme for Moodle.
Credit for the plugin goes to Sean Williams. Read the announcement by Chris Kenniburg at the Moodle forums.

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