Dr. Martin Dougiamas – CEO & Founder of Moodle spoken about the future of Moodle with Bryan Alexander at Future trends forum. Bryan is the futurist, teacher, consultant, researcher working to know how technology transforms education. Future trends is the participatory and open video forum about the future of higher education.
During the interview, Bryan asked a lot of questions related to the future of the Moodle. Recent forums on Future trends were focused on the Learning Management Systems. According to Bryan – LMS’s are One of the central ed technologies, as well as one of the most controversial, and yet also accepted as a nearly universal commonplace.
Martin spoke about the upcoming Moodle Community 2.0 platform which will offer closer ties to OER and crowdfunding mechanism. He also commented about the sustainability of the Moodle project. According to Martin: Education affects every other thing that human beings do on this planet, so it is important work.
If you would like to watch the video recording of the interview, check it out below:

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About the Moodle Community 2.0 platform, Martin spoke that it is still under infancy stage but it will offer mini kickstarter kind of project models.

It is a service that connects all the Moodlers together and connects them with open education resources,” Dougiamas explained. “It also allows a lot of new types of community activities, which I think will bring a new age to OER. We have a model for creating OER sustainably so that people are being paid to do it. We want to get people together teaching the same course in the same language and enable them to create content together and fund each other, like in a mini-kickstarter project.

Martin also commented about the Moodle’s roadmap and focus on usability in upcoming releases. Moodle HQ team is working on making the Moodle interface more sleek, smooth and easily discoverable. They are also working on converging the mobile and web interface and improving the calendar project.
Martin also brought attention towards the learning analytics in Moodle through Project Inspire. He said that Project inspire uses machine learning to give predictions of learner success, and ultimately diagnoses and prescriptions to learners and teachers. “It can give you personalized messaging to inspire you,” he said. For instance, it could suggest interventions to an instructor such as, “Now would be a perfect time to jump into a discussion” or “This student is struggling a bit. Give him a call.”
After watching the interview, I can feel that Moodle is going in the right direction and will become the Next Gen LMS in the world.

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