Fostering Democracy, One Moodle Classroom At A Time

A lot has been written about the “best but not the fairest” form of government, but an educator can only communicate most of its key details and caveats, than in a practical scenario with their students.

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The December revision of the E-Voting plugin for Moodle sets out to simplify the process for practical voting processes, be it for mock or actual decisions.

On a Moodle classroom, students can log in to cast their votes on an important decision. But an ace under the plugin’s sleeve is the QR code integration. The educator can display a QR code for students to shoot up a reader app on their phones and open a link to vote.

The QR feature, coupled with open voting permissions, could be a game changer in large events where the people’s opinion are important. Basic surveys and polls, shareholders meetings, getting help from the audience in a trivia contest, or your own little model electoral college. You name it.

Engagement is all but sure with graphical options to visualize the responses, which, as developer Christophe Hadorn claims, update in real time.

Current compatibilty of the E-Voting plugin is ensured with Moodle 3.0 and 3.1.

Download and install E-Voting in the official Moodle Plugin Directory.

Find out more about the plugin, or take a look and a crack at the code, at the Moodle E-Voting plugin BitBucket.

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