Great news for Essential Theme users, Gareth Barnard’s project is funded and well underway. So far Gareth has been hitting each of the tasks he outlined as part of the upgrade process and he’s nearing a testable product for those who participated in funding.
While the target amount is still met, the project is still open to contributions for the next 5 days (all of which will go to Gareth).
What’s been done?
  • Icons updated.
  • TravisCI checker configuration updated.
  • Messages language string fixed.
  • Changes required for jQuery 3.
From Gareth,
I’m now working on the lengthy process of going through all of the LESS and sorting out the specific language direction styles.  You can follow developments on: – which will be the M3.3 version after the M3.2 version is released.
Interested in getting these updates directly from Mr. Barnard? You can still contribute and help compensate Gareth for his time and effort by helping fund the project: 
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