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Right on par with her promise for a more communicative Association, President Emma Richardson recently shared another update, the first post-MoodleMoot US 2017-Miami.

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8 news items make up her update, on all issues Moodle and the Association.

  1. A few changes in the Association Rules have been made and are expecting approval from the Western Australian Commissioner for Consumer Protection. They are minor corrections that emphasize the non-profit and volunteer-based nature of MUA.
  2. Thanks to the hiring of new MUA administrative support, a member’s calendar will soon be available to detail upcoming events such as Town Halls, Committee meetings, and MoodleMoot missions.
  3. Town Halls will now be open to non-members, who will be able to participate along with members. The first ones are scheduled for November 5th and 12th and will focus on the Gradebook. Find more information here.
  4. A new, open “Frequently Asked Questions” page is in the works.
  5. Plans for MUA merchandising, such as t-shirts, are also underway.
  6. The documentation for the next project from MUA’s Development Cycle is being built alongside the functionality itself, namely the “Improved Question Bank Tags.” An “Updates” section keeps us in-the-know while the feature is being completed.
  7. The current Project Development Cycle advances on schedule. Final voting will open mid-December. A project should be selected by New Year’s Eve.
  8. Finally, a reminder to everyone to try the new Calendar in Moodle 3.4, product the MUA Cycle, and exchange thoughts.

Read more about the “Association news: MUA November Update” at

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