EDUdigital, New Official Moodle Partner In Portugal And The Nation’s Innovation Network

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A press release on the official Moodle blog announces the designation of EDUdigital as a certified Moodle partner in Portugal, the second of its kind, bringing the tally to 94 worldwide.

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Founded in 2008, EDUdigital offers deployment, development, training, and gamification, among other Moodle-centered services. For Executive Director Ricardo Santos, being part of the Partners roster means getting access to a global network of open source learning, from which their customers, mostly higher ed institutions, with a few local and international corporations (KPMG, Standard Bank, BCI, and Instituto Camões, just to name a few) only stand to benefit.

Recently, EDUdigital was chosen by the National Innovation Agency as one of the players in the “Portugal 2020” agenda, coordinated with the European Commission and the “Europa 2020 strategy.”

With 1,366 registered sites at the time of writing, Portugal is a particularly prolific Moodle nation for its size. It also benefits from the high volume of Moodle and open source activity in Brazil. In turn, EDUdigital transfers knowledge to smaller Portuguese-speaking countries like Mozambique, Angola and Cape Verde. Preliminary data from LISTedTech suggests Portugal might be the country where Moodle enjoys its largest market share in the higher ed sector. Before the designation of EDUdigital, the only Moodle Partner in the country was Ed-rom.

Visit EDUdigital’s site here.

Press release “World’s open source learning platform welcomes new partnership with education technologist in Portugal” at

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