Forbes, one of the major business and financial news portal, partook in an exchange with Dr. Martin Dougiamas, CEO & Founder of Moodle Project. With Forbes contributor – Kavi Guppta, they discussed about Martins experience as a CEO of one of the most successful open source projects.
From last one and a half decade, Moodle has spread its wings across learning spaces and moments, in varying degrees. All this is possible because of the passion of solving problems, bit by bit by Martin Dougiamas. The exemplar leadership keeps the Moodle Project unique from other monetized projects. As Martin stated:

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I had the approach that  I’m trying to solve a problem. The whole purpose of this company is to support education. Education underlies everything. You have people with education that can make good decisions in every field that’s out there.

Education underlies everything - What it takes to run a system used by Millions around the world @moodler #MoodleThe main tip which came from the Moodler for the persons who are scared of Computer science as a profession is:

It’s actually very easy to start with computer science. You can do small things and learn little bits of programming quite easily. Once you get that adrenaline buzz of having made something that solves a problem or saves you some work, you suddenly go, “Ahh. Ahh. I could learn a bit more of that.”

Another useful advice from Martin Dougiamas for the persons who are just starting out now:

Look at something very traditional that’s been happening a while, and then see how technology can improve that thing or can influence it in some way

Finally as the CEO of Moodle project, he advised a simple but quite effective advice to draw people to purpose of their life:

My advice would be to really follow your interests as much as you can. Everyone says this. Everyone who is successful always says this. “Stick at it long enough, it will workout for you.” It really is true, but it’s got to be about your interests.

Read out the full interview here.

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