Moodle 3.4 – the latest version of Moodle LMS, brought many new features focused to improve usability. Out of all the new features, the most prominent and useful from the teacher’s perspective is the enhancements to the Course Participants page.
The new course participants page allows the teachers to enroll and manage users in their Moodle course from a single page. Earlier the teachers can see the course participants on a different page and enroll users from another. This new feature will be a big boost for the teachers in easily managing the users within their course.
The new course participants feature which is proposed by Moodle User’s Association after successful integration of Recycle Bin, New Calendar and Improved Dashboard page. This will enhance the usability and results in a smooth course management process.

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How to enroll users in Moodle course?

With the new course participants page, the course teachers can easily enroll, view, search for, filter, edit and delete course participants. It can be accessed from the Navigation drawer of Boost (or else through Administration block if you are using other theme) or from the More link in the gear menu, by clicking Enrolled users in the Users tab.
The other aspects of the new course participants page, which helps educators to focus on learning in their course, are:

  • Searching and filtering course participants – The filter at the top left of the screen allows for filtering by period of activity, enrollment method, group, role and status: 
  • Clearer view of a participant’s status – Easily identify the status of learners whether they are suspended or active
  • Edit or delete selected users – Now you can easily select multiple users and delete them by bulk selection.

Here is a brief introductory video about the new course participants page from Moodle HQ:

What are the other features of Moodle 3.4 makes you excited? When you are upgrading your Moodle site to Moodle 3.4? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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