Tagging in Moodle context allows the students and teachers to connect different types of content on the site. Currently in Moodle core, the tag functionality is limited to specific areas only. Jon Bolton – Moodle worshipper & community member was working on improving the Tag functionality in Moodle and to extend it to other areas of Moodle  like forum posts, book chapters, glossary entries and database entries.
In Moodle 3.1 LTS release, the tagging functionality is enhanced with inclusion of Tag collections and other features. However tagging can be applied at the Activity/Resource level. Jon felt the need to extend the tagging functionality to the content created ‘within’ the activity like Forum Posts, Book chapters, Glossary entries and Database entries.Do you want improved Tagging functionality in Moodle? Check out this work in progress #Moodledev
The improved code will allow the content within the activity to be tagged independently to their ‘parent’ activity which means that tags can be used in the forum posts, database entries, glossary entries and book chapters. You can check out the work in progress and test it out on your Moodle test site through this GitHub page. Please don’t try it on your production server as it is a work in progress and may break your site.
The improvements will be tested and then submitted for inclusion in the Moodle core. For more details check out this forum post by Jon and Moodle tracker issues – MDL-40313, MDL-46929, MDL-57457, MDL-57456 & MDL-57455.
How you are using Tags in your Moodle learning environment? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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