The digital whiteboard by Google – Google's Jamboard is ready for launch in May 2017


Google’s Jamboard – the digital whiteboard by the tech giant is all set to arrive in May 2017. Recently Google has revealed all the details about the 4k digital whiteboard termed as Jamboard. The device was first unveiled in October but Google hasn’t revealed the price tag for the device which however comes out to $4999 (I know it’s a huge money but it’s still less as compared to other competing enterprising products).
Google’s Jamboard is a 55-inch 4k TV with touchscreen capability and other hardware support including NFC, Chromecast support, webcam, handwriting tools & speech recognition etc. It allows for up to 16 simultaneous touch points. You could cobble that hardware in lesser amount but the main cost is for the software. The software interface is smart enough to understand the difference between a finger touching the display and one of the included styluses or the eraser.
Google has pushed its G Suite tools more aggressively in recent years backed upon the large success of Chromebooks. However digital whiteboard is the new venture by Google. It is in competition to the Microsoft’s Surface Hub which comes with a higher price tag of $8999 which goes till $21000 for the giant 84-inch model.
Check out the introductory video of Google’s Jamboard below:

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The best feature about Google’s Jamboard which I liked the most is the ability to move through the rolling stand. This will make the businesses to invest less and move them around as required. Other whiteboards need to be securely mounted to the wall which makes it difficult to move them.
Google will start shipping Jamboard from May onwards but it will only be available in US first. If you are also interested in purchasing this awesome digital whiteboard by google, get registered yourself in line here.
Check out the complete details about the Google’s Jamboard here.
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