Are you interested in creating personalized learning experience for student in Moodle? Let’s say you have a course containing all sections of the learning material but you want your students to see only sections which they choose to learn. How to automate different experience for different students?
Vasilis Palilis – Instructional & Moodle course designer at Wide Services, delivered his presentation during iMoot 2016 – about creating personalized learning experience in Moodle without using any plugin or external tool. All he used is a very creative idea by utilizing Moodle quiz to find out the sections which student want to learn.
Creating Personalized learning experience in Moodle - Check out this awesome #Moodle tip from iMoot 2016 archive #iMoot16
The quiz contains only a single Cloze question type which includes multiple sub questions where the student can select “Yes or No” for any section which he/she wants to learn. Based on the selection by the students, there will be different grades allotted for each combination of selections. These grades are then used in the access restriction settings for a section.
Check out this iMoot 2016 presentation video to learn about creating personalized learning experience in Moodle:

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All the questions are configured to carry different maximum marks and then we may need to find out the possible grades for different combinations of question selection. The only problem while using the same technique in a course with many sections is that you have multiple restriction settings which have to applied carefully and it can be very tedious job. But the solution can work like a charm for a course with less number of course sections.
Check out the video to find out the tip in complete detail. How you are creating personalized learning experience for your students in Moodle course? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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