Are you looking for a Moodle theme which can create stunning look for your learning environment as well as improve the overall teacher’s and students happiness? Fordson theme is the solution for making all users happy and give a professional visually appealing looks to your Moodle site.
Recently, after the last update to the Fordson theme in which a brand new navigation concept was introduced for the first time in Moodle theme. Chris Kenniburg, developer behind the Fordson theme from Dearborn Schools, come up with another deadly combination of Moodle plugins. He has tightly integrated Fordson theme with Easy Enrol plugin. The two plugins are designed to work in harmony.

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Fordson & Easy Enrollment plugin:

The easy enrollment plugin generates a 6 digit code for every course and group in your Moodle site. On the Fordson home page, it will display all the necessary forms on the homepage so that students can enter enrollment codes and instantly be taken to the corresponding course.
Easy enrollment plugin will also generate QR codes which can be downloaded and printed to use with younger students or in print materials. However, the QR Code reader requires SSL/HTTPS to function. If you do not have SSL then disable the QR code option from the Easy Enrollment settings page.
Here is a small demonstration video showing both Fordson theme and Easy enrollment plugin in action together. Check it out below:

Download Links:

You can download the plugins from the following links:

Which theme are you using on your Moodle platform? Have you also faced problems with students enrollments? How did you overcame that? Do let us know in the comments section below.
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