Moodle as the name suggests is Modular in nature by heart and the Moodle Plugins offers to enhance the functionality and features of Moodle up to any extent. You can customize Moodle to meet the requirements of any sector by using Moodle plugins.
Moodle Plugins directory is the one and only place to find the Plugins for different features from Themes, Filters, Blocks & Reports etc to name a few. For a full list of Moodle plugins types, check out this post. As on date, Moodle plugins directory has 1291 plugins from 725 developers.
Of late, the Moodle plugin developers have felt the need for a commercial plugins market as reported by us earlier in this post. Recently, Justin Hunt – the Poodll guy, extending the earlier discussion proposed to put a “Commercial Badge” to the plugins listing.
Commercial Plugins through Moodle plugins directory? Share your views in this hot discussion #Moodle

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Benefits of having a Commercial Badge for plugins:

As of now, there are many plugins who provides a subscription based license for usage and falls into the non-free category. The advantages of putting the badge on the plugins description page as mentioned by Justin are:

  • Alerts the user that the plugin they are considering installing is not free or has paid components.
  • Encourages the distribution of commercial plugins on the plugins database.
  • Provides a possible revenue source for Moodle

Moodle plugins directory has seen a major interface upgrade few months ago and added a lot of other filter options using descriptors. These descriptors can be used to mark the plugin for external service required.
If you are also interested in commercial Moodle plugins, you can share your views in this forum thread.
I am happy that Moodle plugins will soon have a market place for commercial plugins as the developers are putting a lot of efforts in making Moodle better. And they also needs compensation for their efforts. Hope to see the commercial plugins support in the Moodle plugins directory. What’s your take about the commercial plugins through Moodle Plugins directory? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.
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