Sapienza Università di Roma – Dipartimento di Chimica e Tecnologie del Farmaco
School of Bologna.

An interview at with Giuseppe Fiorentino, Chair of Italy’s Moodle User Association (AIUM) and event organizer, offers some background and interesting details about the upcoming edition of the Rome gathering.

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Italian Moots started with the 2005 “MiniMoot” in Rome and have taken place annually ever since. In 2008, the International Moodle Conference introduced the world to the Italian community. It was also the birth of Italy’s Moodle User Association, the Associazione Italiana Utenti Moodle.

For 2017’s Moot, the theme is “Emerging Trends in Teaching and Learning.” It will highlight efforts in collecting interesting practices and use case scenarios found across the country and internationally. It will also put Moodle’s flexibility to accommodate them all to the test, particularly the new features in the 3.2 and 3.3 versions.

As with MoodleMoot tradition, talks and workshops will populate the 3-day schedule. A special section of talks are directed at beginners in an effort by AIUM to increase the awareness of Moodle and the user base for this and other open source learning technologies. More specialized meetings will make sure “everybody finds something interesting!”

AIUM is one of the most active Moodle Associations on a national scale, owing to a large extent to the large number of active contributors. Apart from making sure Italian translations are readily available for every new Moodle release, l’Associazione is busy at work offering the complete Moodle documentation in the classic Romance language.

MoodleMoot Italy 2017 will take place Thursday to Saturday, September 28-30, at Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome.

You can find the MoodleMoot Italy 2017 page at

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