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If your Moodle course development team uses the Slack productivity app, you may want to follow the work of Mike Churchward from POET. Churchward has started tinkering with Slack’s Application Programming Interface, looking for a way to send Moodle notifications to his teammates directly to their own Slack accounts.

You may know or have tested Slack in the past, if you are not already a “slackvocate,” a term that comprises most, if not all, Slack users. But one of the best attributes of Slack in terms of openness, something Moodlers are fond of, is the API. It has opened the gateway for productive applications, including tools and even bots.

So far this is very early work, but it will nonetheless be met with excitement once it’s ready. Interested developers can try it out for their teams, using a “WebHook,” which uses the HTTP system all websites use to communicate with one another, or a “Slack button” for a friendlier experience.

Churchward insists this is a “plugin experiment,” not a standard plugin. It is an alpha release, meaning it must still undergo further development and testing before it can be submitted as a plugin to the Moodle directory, let alone deployed in a production setting.

Read more about the Moodle-Slack plugin experiment at Churchward’s project, GitHub.

Discuss the plugin with Churchward on the Moodle forums thread.

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