A new version of official Moodle Mobile app is released with new features, increased user experience and improvements. The new version, which was released on last Saturday, will make mobile learning more accessible and creative for all users.
In the past few weeks, Moodle Mobile development team was busy in the release of Moodle Desktop app – to get access to Moodle courses on desktop and Surface tablets. Now, they came up with the new version of the Moodle mobile app. The new version of Moodle mobile app 3.3.1 builds upon the focus on improving user experience and performance.

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Check out the latest version of Moodle Mobile app: 3.3.1 - Now with Database activity support #moodlemobileKey features:

Key features of the Moodle Mobile app 3.3.1 are as follows:

  • Database activity – Now your Students can browse and add new database entries, even when they are offline. With this new feature, learners are able to do more of their learning directly on their mobile devices.
  • Lesson – Improvements in media (audio, video) handling – Now all app users are able to watch videos or listen to audios embedded in lessons.
  • Improvements to connection problem notifications – Users will be notified when they try to reach features that need internet connection.

Complete list of new features and improvements are mentioned in the Moodle Mobile 3.3.1 release notes here. You can download the latest version of the Moodle mobile app from Google Play store and, in the next few days, from the Apple App Store.
In the next major release with Moodle 3.4, the official Moodle mobile app will contains 100% support for moodle activities. Are you using the official Moodle mobile app for learning? Have you optimized your courses for Moodle mobile? Do share with us in the comments section below:

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