BREAKING: MoodleMoot UK & Ireland Proposal Submissions Date Extended


The organizing committee of upcoming MoodleMoot UK & Ireland, to take place next April has extended the deadline for presenters to submit their proposals.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

#MootieUK17 features three presentation formats to apply: Short (15 minutes long), shorter (Pico, 7 minutes) and Posters. To apply for consideration you only need to submit an outline or abstract by the due date.

To submit a presentation, create a free and easy account at the Ex Ordo site for #MootieUK17. It features a friendly walkthrough for fast an easy submission.

The final extended deadline for presentation is Friday, February 17th. #MootieUK17 will take place April 10th to 12th. Pre-Moot workshops are available.

Get some presenter’s tips from Aurélie Owens, selected speaker at last year’s UK-Ireland Moot.

See the program for MoodleMoot UK & Ireland here.


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