A post on elearningmagazine.co lists the new Moodlerooms 3.1 features that Blackboard is introducing, to the delight of its user base.

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Most prominent of all ―and the result of listening to customers’ requests― is the compatibility with Competency-Based Education (CBE). Blackboard has been a long CBE advocate and has even produced some research on competencies. Now this goes into practice by allowing competency frameworks and improving its management interface.

Moodlerooms has also increased attention to Mobile, a play the “big ones” in the LMS field are betting on, Moodle in particular.

But perhaps the one distinguishing feature of Moodlerooms, is the Snap theme. Snap is Moodlerooms’ visual trademark, boasting a “user friendly”, “modern, engaging experience” that is intuitive and fully responsive. Moodlerooms’ has also been kind enough to share Snap with the community at large, as a freely available Moodle theme.

The rest of the new features in Moodlerooms 3.1 are:

Moodlerooms is a Moodle Partner and one of the largest contributors to Moodle’s Open Source development and ongoing support.

Read the blog post here.

Read a detailed release on Moodlerooms 3.1 here.

Revisions made on 1-31.

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