Better Living Through Interactive Online Mathematics Questionnaires

A review of Barcelonian Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s improvements on online math teaching is featured in Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine. The institution seeks to put a dent in the timeless issue of high dropouts in math classes, which is often only kept at a minimum because of low enrollment rates. However, digging deeper, other issues are at play with regards to dropouts. These include the amount of unresolved questions at the time of the final exam and students’ handwriting, according to the article.

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La Universitat has tackled these issues by implementing WIRIS, a matrices, functions and graphics plugin for Moodle and Moodlerooms. It’s been set up to enable increasing complexity in problems for students, which Teresa Sancho Vinuesa, a teacher, credits in the increased retention rate.

Sancho also uses this experience as the basis for analytics research she conducts. Her team of researchers will continue to experiment to find the best match of environment and enrollment outcomes. Among the first insights the team has gathered are the relationship of immediate feedback with engagement, which possibly lowers student anxiety about final tests and improvements in the quality of lessons when an LMS is directly related to saving teachers’ time.

See a presentation on WIRIS for Moodlerooms below:

[slideshare id=11156932&doc=201201wirisinmoodleroomsen-120119074826-phpapp02]

Read more on WIRIS for Moodlerooms here.

Read the feature at Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine.

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