BigBlueButton – the most popular open source web conferencing solution in the world is coming soon with a brand new version. Recently, BigBlueButton team announced the release of BigBlueButton 2.0 beta version which is packed with leading features. The new version will include more tools for engaging students as well as improving the ease of using BigBlueButton.
BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. The goal of the project is to give remote students a high-quality online learning experience. BigBlueButton was created by a group of very determined software developers who believe strongly in the project’s social benefits and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

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Major Features of BigBlueButton 2.0 Beta version:

The new version of the BigBlueButton includes many cutting features like:

Multi-user whiteboard

BigBlueButton 2.0 now supports multiple users working collaboratively on the same whiteboard simultaneously. This enables a tutor, such as, to collaboratively work together with a student on a math problem. This new feature is the most enticing feature of the new release as it is going to improve the student engagement instead of just sitting and watching a lecture without involvement.

Shared notes

BigBlueButton 2.0 adds a new layout called “Shared Notes”, which gives students a collaborative notepad for capturing content during the session. Now, students can recall and apply the concepts and ideas collaboratively in the shared notes.

Updated User Interface

In the new release, the skin and icons are updated to give BigBlueButton a more modern look. All the icons are now rendered from vectors so they look crisp on even the highest resolution screen.
In addition to user interface updates, BigBlueButton team have added a number of smaller features which include smoothing of pen tool, full-screen mode, download public chat, and end meeting on logout.
Here is demonstration video to showcase the new features of BigBlueButton 2.0 Beta version release. Check it out below:

If you would like to give it a try first to test out the new features, then head straight to the BigBlueButton demo site here –
For more information about the BigBlueButton project, check out the official website –

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