As we have reported earlier, the official Moodle Mobile app is soon going to get a new Avatar. The brand new avatar of the Moodle mobile app will be released along with Moodle 3.5 release. The new completely revamped version of the Moodle mobile app will offer a seamless experience between devices. It will give a modern look & feel to make it easier to use by learners and teachers.
The new app will have a lot of UX, performance and design improvements. The new changes in the app will give a modern look & feel to make it easier to use by learners and teachers.

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Remote Add-ons Disadvantages:

Since the release of  Moodle 3.1, Moodle  support different types of Moodle plugins in the Mobile app via the Remote add-ons functionality. However, the Remote add-ons  have some disadvantages like:

  • Remote add-ons are not easy to develop and test since they need to develop an AngularJS/Ionic module.
  • A zip file containing the plugin must be downloaded from the server.
  • Is not easy to maintain or upgrade them.

For the new avatar of the Moodle mobile app, the Moodle Mobile development team is working on new ways to extend the mobile app features. The new way should be:

  • Easy to develop
  • Work without developing AngularJS/Ionic code
  • Easy to maintain
  • Supported since Moodle 3.1 at least
  • Support different types of Moodle plugins (modules, blocks, reports)
  • Work in any type of device
  • Not require client JavaScript to work

In order to meet all these requirements, Juan Leyva shared the draft specifications for the new functionality. Check it out here and suggest any changes.
The new way for supporting Moodle plugins in the mobile app will not replace the Remote Add-ons, it will be just an other way. The final specifications will be ready by March 2018 and will be supported only in the new version of the app released in May 2018. For more details please check out this Moodle forum thread.
Do you want to suggest any features or improvements in the Moodle mobile app? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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