Certified Moodle Partner in “Australasia” (Australia and Singapore) eCreators is inviting everyone to attend their webinar series: the Premium Integrator Program.

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Past sessions introduced the Moodle’s Premium Integration program, including benefits and upgraded ease of use from adopting these services, especially through a certified Moodle Partner. The one before that was about Moodle multitenancy.

The recent announcement of the Moodle Premium Integrator Program has gathered some interest, but there were some questions remaining. Since then, we have learned that the program is Moodle’s way of recognizing the quality of Moodle-based solutions and third-party services that do not quite fit within the “Moodle Partner” role, which signals expertise in planning and development of complete Moodle sites. These qualities that have been part of eCreators’ value proposition for years, and the company owes many of its distinctions, including a top 100 spot in Financial Review’s fastest growing SMEs in Australia list of 2016, to these features.

If you are looking to participate in future webinars, make sure you set yourself a learning outcome beforehand. Also, do not be afraid to be active on social media during the event. The hosts might even encourage you to, and they will likely suggest a predefined hashtag. Not only you will help raise the profile of a valuable lesson, you might also engage in conversation with fellow attendants, which could last long after the webinar is over.

For upcoming free webinars by eCreators, follow them on social media or sign up for their newsletter at ecreators.com.au.

Disclaimer: eCreators and IntelliBoard are MoodleNews sponsors.

ecreators logoThis Moodle Governance related post is made possible by: eCreators. Moodle for the enterprise, K12 and corporate. Australia and Singapore. To learn more about eCreators, click here.

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