All MoodleCloud Sites, Now With Moodle 3.3

The decisive step forward towards the more relevant and timely experience that is Moodle 3.3 is now available for MoodleCloud users across all tiers, according to an announcement by Chris Reid, MoodleCloud Product Manager.

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The new features have been translated seamlessly to Moodle’s official cloud offering:

New My Course Overview Dashboard: This feature lists Activities from Courses in which a student is enrolled, sorted by due date. A Course display option allows grouping Activities by origin and adds a completion rate pie chart for each Course.

Users will have access to the dashboard for each MoodleCloud site of a Course they are enrolled in. I think MoodleCloud has a real opportunity, if it will allow students to get one dashboard for all their Courses no matter the MoodleCloud site they come from, therefore moving towards the vision for a distributed learning social network.

Log in using Microsoft and Google profiles: Students can access their personal cloud storage services in order to download and upload files from Moodle. This is possible thanks to the the OAuth 2 authentication standard, which means that logins from similar networks could be ready soon, should Moodle HQ decide to further develop this feature.

Better Activity completion controls for teachers: Default conditions for Activities, either for all at once or specific ones depending on their type, makes for easier set-up and personalized student tracking.

Require specific submission file formats: Teachers can request the exact type of files their students can submit as homework. They can, for example, request submission only as PDF files, thus preventing Moodle from making unnecessary conversions. (However, Moodle 3.3 has also improved the file conversion options!)

Support for Emojis.

Stealth mode: Activities can be made available to access and complete, but will remain hidden from menus and lists.

Collapsed annotations in grading.

Drag-and-drop files in any page of Moodle: This feature opens up a dialog box to easily choose the place where you want the file to go.

Tags for individual posts in the Forum, or individual entries in the Glossary.

Read the official announcement here.

Find out more and try MoodleCloud free.

Check out our complete Moodle 3.3 coverage.

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