Latest Features Of PoodLL, Moodle's Beloved Pet For Audio Recording

Even after it became a paid service, PoodLL 3 is still the favorite plugin of many Moodlers who routinely deal with A\V recording. Among the many reasons why is the attention paid by Justin Hunt, the “PoodLL guy,” to small details, which are visible with every new release of the PoodLL plugin family for Moodle.

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The latest update to the family involves “player refresh.” Before this release, users had to refresh the plugin page in Moodle after each recording they made with PoodLL. But, as Hunt admits, many students did not realize this. Now, thanks to some AJAX magic, the player itself checks the status of a recording. When the recording is complete, and the file is converted so it can be stored or submitted as a Moodle Assignment, the player will refresh itself.

Furthermore, Hunt has increased the ability to switch media players or even create new ones. The default audio player, Audio JS, is “very basic” in Hunt’s own words, “but it is a good player.” He realizes Moodlers are used to an array of options and ample customization, so he is providing a tutorial on switching and creating audio players.

Download or install the PoodLL 3 plugin family here. You can try them out with a free, 2-week trial. If you enjoy them, you can get a year subscription starting at $79 USD (though billed in Japanese Yen for some reason).

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