Now access more features and functions with the Starter plan on your MoodleCloud site #moodle


MoodleCloud – the free and most affordable Moodle hosting service by the creators of Moodle is all set to offer more features and functions with the new Starter plan. Recently, MoodleCloud team has launched the new Starter plan based on the feedback of the users to get access to more features and functions at a cost-effective price.
The new MoodleCloud Starter plan is best suited for teachers who wants to teach online with a small group of students (Max. 50) with extra tools for more collaborative learning. The three extra features added to the Starter plan as compared with the Moodle for Free plan are as follows:

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  1. Custom Certificates – Create your own customized certificate and deliver them to your students.
  2. Absolutely No adverts – Protect your students from distraction by hiding the ads and let them focus on the learning.
  3. Site Retention – Moodle for Free sites are removed if they are not used for 60 days, so by subscribing to the Starter plan you should never worry about your site disappearing when it’s not used. It is especially helpful during the long breaks between the classes.

Since hiding Adverts with Moodle for free plan is costing around $50, so I feel that it is a wise move to upgrade your site to the new Starter plan. If you would like to upgrade your MoodleCloud site from Free plan to Starter, you can do so through your portal. Now access more features and functions with the Starter plan on your MoodleCloud site #moodle

About MoodleCloud:

MoodleCloud is the most affordable hosting solution provided by Moodle HQ. It allows you to set up your online learning environment within minutes and without any technical hassles of installation. It comes pre-installed with popular Moodle plugins so that you can create engaging learning courses for your students.
Now, with the launch of Starter plan, the MoodleCloud service is available in three plans:

  • Moodle For Free – Get your Moodle playground ready in less than 5 minutes without any setup fee or sharing credit card info. All you need is a valid mobile number and email address.
  • Starter Plan – The affordable plan for teachers power packed with extra features.
  • Moodle for School – Focused for catering the needs for small schools. The Moodle for School plan comes with Extra plugins pack and advanced theming options.

Still not sure about MoodleCloud, test it out within minutes by registering yourself here for Moodle for Free site. Find more details and comparison of features in different plans on the MoodleCloud website here.
When you are starting your cloud journey with Moodle? What are the other features which you would like to see in the MoodleCloud? Is there any other free Moodle hosting service better that MoodleCloud? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.
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