A More Relevant Moodle 3.3: New Features For Students

Moodle 3.3 is a further attempt to bridge students‘ gap between their everyday online experience and the one their LMS provides. Here’s a look at the new features they (and you) will be glad to have.

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Improved Dashboard


While this feature is not exclusively for students, it is probably the most noteworthy for them. The new dashboard is poised to change how students relate with Moodle and improve course delivery.

My Course Overview lists the Activities from all courses in which a student is enrolled, with the most urgent at the top. Educational technology research performed by Blackboard suggest that personalized, timely notifications have a positive effect on a student’s final grade, particularly on performers at the lower ends.

Assignment Submission from Online Repository


Students can link their Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive to their Moodle sites to have direct access to their personal storage services from the LMS. This avoids having to download the file to then re-upload it to Moodle, which closes some security gaps.

Assignment File Types


With Moodle 3.3, teachers can now restrict Assignment submissions to specific file extensions. Students will be reminded of the types of files the are allowed to submit when it’s time.

But that’s not all! Be sure to check the features available for every kind of user, including teachers and administrators.

See the full list of new features here.

Download Moodle 3.3 from download.moodle.org/releases/latest now.

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