A Breakdown Of The Main Events At MoodleMoot Australia, Just Days Away

Corrections made on Sept. 22nd 

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Three days, jam-packed with information, insight, and fascinating stories about Moodle use around the world, are awaiting attendants of MoodleMoot Australia 2017, taking place in Sydney starting Tuesday, September 26th.

The Moot organization has revealed the official program. The main presenter, as we reported previously, is Lian Loke, Ph.D., artist, researcher, and director; otherwise known as the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney. She will join Martin Dougiamas as the summit’s keynote speakers.

But Loke and Dougiamas are only the tip of the iceberg. Day one of MoodleMoot Australia will begin with a series of “master classes.” Topics included are Moodle basics, Mobile learning, Course design, and Assessments.

Also on the first day, a “Developer Hackfest” will simultaneously show developers new features in the Moodle core that would make it easier to build powerful functionalities and allow them to showcase ideas and prototypes based on said features.

Tuesday evening will be topped with a “drinks reception” and a “social event” later at night.

On Wednesday morning, before Dougiamas’ keynote, participants will participate in a “Welcome to Country” ceremony led by Gadigal Elder Uncle Raymond Davison, an Aboriginal authority and “custodian of the land.” “Welcome To Country” ceremonies are commonly held as a sign of respect and acknowledgment towards the traditional owners of the land.

Following the keynote, presentations by universities, sponsors, and members of the Moodle HQ team will occupy the rest of the summit. Sessions will include:

  • Case studies about how learning organizations solved technical, administrative, and pedagogical issues, starting with World Vision International and the role of Moodle in the Syria Crisis Response
  • The debut of new plugins, third-party services, and Moodle core features
  • Technical concepts put into practice

Wednesday will end with an Analytics panel discussion, a conference dinner, and Moodle Party at night.

On the last day, Doctor Loke will give her keynote, to be followed by the concise “Pico” presentations.

MoodleMoot Australia will end with a community panel discussion on the afternoon.

Register for MoodleMoot Australia 2017 here. Full, standard registration for every event is set at $750 AUD. (A bit above $600 USD.)

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