Gamification is the process of applying game principals in the non-gaming contexts. Online course designers and teachers often face the problem of low course completion rates and less student engagement. Researches shows that Gamification can lead to higher student engagement and better course completion rates.
But how you can apply gaming principles to enhance student engagement in your Moodle course?
Moodle Plugins can be used to extend the functionality which is not provided in the core. In our earlier posts, I had posted about the top 6 gamification plugins for Moodle. There are lot of ways to gamify your Moodle course and many plugins which can be used to enhance the gamification effect.
During the recently concluded MoodleMoot Australia 2017, Chad Outten from My Learning Space; delivered the presentation on “Moodle Gamified – 7 easy ways to enhance online engagement”.

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Key Points for Gamification:

During the presentation, Chad shows how the companies are using Gamification principles in real world. In context of Moodle course, Chad focused mainly on these points:
  1. Using Avatars for student profile
  2. Groups
  3. Activity Tracking
  4. Conditional Access
  5. Quiz Results Block
  6. Course Completion Status
  7. Badges

Here is the video recording of the presentation session from MoodleMoot Australia 2017. You can download the presentation in PDF format from this link.


He has also pondered upon the Progress Bar, Stash, Certificate & Level Up! Moodle plugins. The presentation is indeed a worth watch for 20 minutes.
What are the other ways to enhance student engagement in Moodle course? Do share with us in the comments section.

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