4 More 'Moodle Stories', Real-Life Displays Of Nimble Moodle Practice

“Moodle Stories” showcases the variety of different scenarios in which the Open Source LMS has helped learning organizations. From universities expanding their face-to-face lessons to humanitarian innovation, Moodle has been taken to places and pushed limits never before considered.

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Here are some 4 more pieces of unconventional Moodle insight. Check out our previous “Stories” coverage here.

#1. An OER layer for a top-quality, affordable degree

Cochise College (in Arizona) developed an outcomes-based Moodle that would place actual use and performance improvement as a top priority. This was during a time when a national debate was taking place about tuition and college debt, particularly for public institutions. Connecting Moodle with OER content brought many benefits. Instead of paying hefty price tags for textbooks, students can get them for free through Moodle, making the LMS more relevant than ever. Thanks to this partnership in openness, Cochise saves students over a million dollars each year.

#2. An EdTech link in local development’s value chain

To coordinate a smallholders initiative servicing 35,000 beneficiaries across 15 countries, World Vision took to Moodle to ensure the staff was helping local farmers to the best of their ability. The problem-based workshops on Moodle became a hit among partners and soon they were opened to all program participants.

#3. Let me help you help them

For the Voluntary Service Overseas, the largest deployer of willful human hands for those who need some anywhere in the world, being useful and keeping a reputation means not every gift is welcome as is. People looking for a life-changing experience must first undergo an online training module. This module was designed to prepare prospective volunteers so they can start helping as soon as they hit the ground, but it also served as a way to describe the experience in detail. VSO realized the importance of taking the “romance” out of the way so that young, idealistic people see the reality in volunteering and extreme life conditions.

#4. Your “Moodle Story” here!

A recent post at the Moodle blog is inviting all organizations willing to share their positive experiences with Moodle. Accounts of innovative, out-of-the-box, even “happy accident” thinking, all are welcome. Moodle is looking to inspire the next wave of users, students, and entrepreneurs to shape the future of Moodle through illuminating narratives.

Find out more at Moodle Stories.

And if you want to know how to share yours, read the full post at moodle.com.

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