It is one of the never ending stresses of the information age (that is driven by technology): as soon as you’ve purchased the latest-and-greatest, anything, it is almost immediately out of date. If you are a large institution like a school, government or business this really creates stress around technology purchases because you need to invest your limited funds into systems that will continue to add value over the long term, without completely becoming obsolete.

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The LMS market is no exception. In response to a recent tweet from Jim Julius, Phil Hill has done us all a favor by diving into the data from ListedTech and Edutechnica to begin to determine just how long the average LMS has been installed and running. It turns out that the average age of a Moodle installation is 6.2 years. Check out the graphic from Phill’s post below:

phill hill Age-of-LMS moodle

This data also underscores (once again) the uptick of Canvas installations with 491 installations having only an average age of 2.4 years.

Do you know how long your Moodle has been active at your institution? Tell us in the comments below!

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