Los Mejores Complementos de Moodle Para la Segunda Mitad del Año

It is a constant conversation and debate in the Moodle community – which plugins and modules are the best? While the answer always begins (or should begin) with “What are the needs of your school or business?” there are definitely some plugins that have bubble to the top as community favorites. An obvious example is the Essential Theme, which is the most widely installed theme across the Moodleverse. At the end of the day, however, this is a fun debate that sparks many great conversations in the forums and Moots around the world.

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Rafael Scapin, the Coordinator of Educational Technology, Teacher & Moodle Evangelist at Dawson College, has thrown his hat in the ring for this conversation with a recent Slideshare. Check it out below:

[slideshare id=62504282&doc=moodleplugins-160529044903]

Rafael’s list of 17 plugins contain some of the usual suspects (e.g. BigBlueButtonBN, Progress Bar, Collapsed Topics) and some that were surprising, but well worthy of the list (e.g. Sharing Cart, Accessibility). Check out the entire Slideshare here and see if you agree!

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What are your favorite Moodle plugins and modules? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Our school’s teachers (foreign language teaching) would absolutely revolt if we didn’t have these plugins:

    1. Sharing cart block
    2. Video assessment module (our own custom module for student performances)
    3. Progress bar block
    4. Mobile quickmail block
    5. Attendance module/block
    6. PoodLL suite of plugins
    7. Drag and drop matching question type
    8. Ordering question type
    9. MoodleReader (extensive reading program)
    10. Lecture Feedback Module (our own custom module using old Journal module)

    We don’t use BigBlueButton, but I have heard it is good. Also, it is a pity Moodle Partners charge so much to add plugins–we could never afford those fees, so we have our own server. I hope Moodle Cloud puts in these tools, because Moodle out of the box is not useful for foreign language teaching without these.


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