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The LMS marketplace is hot and will only get hotter as we move through 2016. Moodle continues to enjoy a unique place within this marketspace as a leader, trend setter and, relatively speaking, historical banner holder.

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There has been buzz about the Canvas IPO, Blackboard shifting CEOs and more (of course, the release of Moodle 3.0 last year was a high point). These events always spur activity within the Moodle community about how we all can contribute, in some way, to make our favorite LMS better, more competitive and all-around awesome.

There is a thread with some energy happening over at right now that was initiated by Fernando Acedo. The discussion is fairly wide ranging, and (in my opinion) focused mostly on backend (that is – administrator or developer) issues thus far, but it offers an opportunity for anyone interested to contribute their thoughts about the direction of future development.

Of course, this could be one of the more important focal points for the Moodle User Association and we’ll be watching to see if/how it plays out in that area.

Check it out and contribute your views!

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