If you are also among those persons who wants to create something more meaningful for millions across the globe then working for Moodle HQ might be one of your dream.
Moodle HQ is the best place for work if you are passionate about education, openness, innovation and having a true grit.
At times Moodle HQ posts various job openings on the career for all the interested candidates. Currently there are three vacancies on Moodle HQ team, which are as follows:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Senior PHP Developer – You’ll be part of a team utilising a Scrum-based agile approach to deliver new releases of Moodle, which involves work ranging from fixing reported bugs to participating in development of major new core features.
    • Type: Full-time
    • Location: Perth, Western Australia
  • Senior Developer (MoodleCloud) – You’ll be working with the MoodleCloud development and operational team in a Scrum-based agile approach to maintain, enhance, and build new MoodleCloud services, which involves work ranging from creating software design solutions, reviewing and developing Moodle site themes, to collaborating across the back and front-end service in creating, repairing, improving and upgrading MoodleCloud.
    • Type: Full-time
    • Location: Perth, Western Australia
    • Closing date: 11th March 2016
  • DevOps (MoodleCloud) – This position complements our MoodleCloud team in Australia by assisting with support, maintenance, deployments and upgrades of our MoodleCloud platform outside of Australian business hours.
    • Type: Full-time
    • Location: Between UTC-8 and UTC+1 (eg. Europe, American continents)
    • Closing date: 11th March 2016

You can send your emails about more clarifications to [email protected]. If you are a student and can’t opt for full time work then you can start with the GSoC 2016 Moodle projects and earn some money out of it.
Check out all available career options with Moodle HQ team at https://moodle.com/careers/
Are you interested in working for Moodle HQ team? What are the other career options for Moodle professionals? Do let us know in the comments below.

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