Gamification in eLearning is the application of game mechanics and design techniques to engage and motivate people. Being an online learning environment, Moodle also comes with a lot of options to gamify your Moodle course. But, How do you know what are the best practices for gamifying your Moodle course? How do you make more engaged and active online learners?
Neela Bell, Moodle Consultant and Education, created a well crafted course to learn how to “Gamify your Moodle course“. The course targeted for absolute beginners to gamification in Moodle.  The course is a self paced course and needs only 2-3 hours to work through. The course consists of 3 modules covering:

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  • Module 1: Getting started with gamification
  • Module 2: A crash course in design
  • Module 3: Gamification Tutorials

Wants to gamify your Moodle course? Check out this special course by Neela Bell #Moodletraining
Please note that you need to have your own Moodle course to gamify for this training. You can register yourself for the course for only C$69 for individual user and for C$300 for school if you want it for your teachers up to a max cap of 8 teachers. Click here to register for the course. Find out more creative gamification tips by Neela Bell on her blog here.
The course includes:

  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Design tools and image downloads
  • Gamification ideas and examples
  • Critical plugins and skills training
  • Demo Moodle Sandbox Course
  • One-on-One support and feedback
  • And…. 30 days full refund, if you are not satisfied

How do you make your Moodle course engaging for the learners? What are the other gamification tips which you would like to share with other Moodle users? Do share your experience and tricks with us in the comments section below.
PS – MoodleWorld is not affiliated to Neela Bell through any means.

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