Are you a chemistry teacher looking to teach Chemistry using Moodle? Are you looking for  how to allow users to sketch and edit molecules? Then here is the good news for you. Jonathan Erde from University of California, Los Angeles has shared two plugins which will makes your life easier as a chemistry teacher.
The two plugins ChemRender for Atto text editor and ChemRender Filter are dependent on each other and can’t be used individually. The plugin Atto ChemRender provides a Chemical structure editor and molecular data file import plugin for the Atto HTML Editor whereas the ChemRender Filter plugin renders 2-D and 3-D molecular structures and spectra from open chemical data files.Wants to teach Chemistry in Moodle? Check out these two plugins which can help you #moodleplugins
These two plugins were also presented in the recently concluded MoodleMoot US 2016 by Jonathan Erde. The presentation from MoodleMoot US can be  downloaded from this link.
You can download the plugins from the Moodle Plugins database here:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The only thing which makes me worried about these plugins is that these plugins are supported for Moodle 2.7 versions as of now which can hamper their utilization on the latest Moodle sites.
Have you ever taught chemistry using Moodle? What are the other tools available for teaching chemistry in Moodle? Share you creative and innovative ideas in the comments section below.

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