Want To Work At Moodle HQ? Two Hot HQ Jobs Are On The Street

moodle hq jobs

We’re pleased to relay six new Moodle opportunities that are on the table from around the globe. Two of these jobs are working directly with the Moodle mothership in Perth as a part of the Marketing team – a great opportunity to help grow the global Moodle community!


Check them out below:

Head of Marketing at Moodle HQ Full-time Perth, Western Australia
Marketing coordinator at Moodle HQ Full-time Perth, Western Australia
Contract Moodle Developer Contract Onsite or telecommute
Quick contract: Moodle LDAP functionality fix Contract Anywhere
Learning Management System (LMS) manager Part-time Reno, Nevada
Custom vocabulary learning plugin Contract Anywhere / Telecommute


As always, click on the links above to learn more about the specific positions, or visit Moodle.org/jobs.

What type of Moodle job / career move are you looking for? Tell us in the comments below!