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If you’re a teacher who has just started with Moodle and are interested in diving deep in Moodle, it may be well worth your time to check out this tutorial by Sali Kaceli. The 3 hour and 16 minute video covers an absolute ton of ground and, assuming you already have your Moodle set up and running, you should be able to walk away with the ability to design, create, populate and teach a course from the LMS.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The video is available here, or you can simply watch it below:

The tutorial is designed for Moodlers who want to teach using the LMS and is concept-based. The material is easy to understand for essentially any level Moodler, and covers:

  • Starting a Moodle course from scratch
  • Creating or posting a syllabus for a course
  • Adding content such as lectures and files for a course
  • Linking a video from a provider such as YouTube in a lesson
  • Working with course resources
  • Understanding and customizing the course gradebook
  • Creating and grading assignments
  • Understanding how to use forums, quizzes and lessons
  • How to communicate with students via Moodle chat
  • Delivering lectures with BigBlueButton
  • Configuring and using rubrics and groups
  • Enrolling students manually
  • Importing a course you’ve created into Moodle

What are your favorite Moodle training resources for teachers and students? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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