Do you want to sell your Moodle course? Are you afraid of maintaining a separate demo course with sample activities to restrict other activities for paid courses only? Core Moodle has the only PayPal enrollment method for accepting payments through paypal for course enrollment. But the problem with that method is that it works for a complete course and you may need to keep up a separate demo course for showcasing the content of your course.
Want to sell specific sections in your course? Check out this new plugin #moodlepluginDaniel Neis Araujo, the Moodle community member and one of the MoodleMoot Brazil organizer, came up with a brand new and quite useful plugin for individual teachers. The new plugin puts an availability restriction over the course resources/activities or complete course sections. The activities/resources can be accessed only when the payment is made for them through Paypal.

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How to use the Paypal Plugin:

The Paypal plugin facilitates and simplify the workload of individual teachers who use Moodle as their teaching platform. As a teacher, you can create a single course which has the sample as well as paid course sections or specific activities. Moreover, you can combine it with other availability conditions, such as, to exclude some group from paying using and “or” restriction set.
Interested now!! Download the Paypal availability restriction plugin from Moodle plugins directory here.
How you are selling your Moodle courses? What are the other payment alternatives for selling your Moodle courses? Do share your tips with us in the comments below.

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