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Sometimes you have a need to turn off the ability for participants to comment in forums in a course, but you still want them to have access to read the same: Maybe you’ve moved on to new material, but still want previous material to be available or maybe you have only allowed a particular time for accessing the forum to share ideas, but still want the brainstorming to be available. There are probably 100 reasons I can’t think of at this second.

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Here’s the kicker: there isn’t an option in the forums settings page to disable writing access.

Luckily, the solution to issue was recently covered by the folks over at How To Moodle. In brief, you can limit access to the forum through the Student’s role permissions within an activity:

student role permissions moodle activity

However, I won’t be a spoiler on the step by step for this solution. If you’re interested, head over to the How To Moodle blog and get the answer here.

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