Last October we reported on the Paul Nicholls plugin that allowed Moodlers to drag and drop images into the Atto editor. This tool was a fantastic and welcome edition to the suite of 20+ plugins that extend Atto’s functionality.

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I’m happy to be reporting that Paul has now extended this functionality to files other than images with a new plugin. The Atto: File Drag & Drop plugin allows you to easily insert pretty much anything (from documents to videos) into Atto, that isn’t an image, by dragging them onto the editor. Here is an example from Paul’s image drag and drop plugin that provides the same functionality:


Only released a few days ago, this plugin has already received a Moodle Editor’s Choice award, and I can see why. This plugin can literally save you tons of time and frustration by allowing you to add important rich content without the need to click, select, configure, etc.

There are a couple of important notes to be aware of, however:

  • Check out what happens when you publish multimedia files. If you’re using Moodle’s media filters, your content will appear inline via the filter
  • This plugin doesn’t add anything to the toolbar – there are no buttons to push to enable the functionality. After it is installed correctly, you can simply drag and drop at will
  • For those of you who are running Moodle 2.9.2 or earlier, you need to include “filedragdrop” before the standard “image” plugin in your Atto toolbar configuration. If you’re running version 2.9.3 or higher, this isn’t necessary.

Click here to get the File Drag & Drop plugin from

Do you use drag and drop in the Atto editor? Tell us about your experience below!


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