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Recently there was, what could have been, a fairly benign thread posted on the Moodle forums about how to create more interactive lessons. JP, the thread originator, was simply looking for a way to bring a little more life to the Moodle experience.

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As can be expected from the Moodle community, there were others who immediately dove in and offered help and ideas – specifically by looking at all of the features available in the lesson module. However, JP was looking for something even beyond this. Specifically:

I Had an idea of a responsive image witH clickable areas, tHat weHn clicked would overlay witH anotHer image or more text. I don’t tHink Moodle will Handle tHe responsive side of tHis out of tHe box. Hence tHe question.

This is where it got interesting when Juho Jaakkola suggested checking out the functionality of h5p and its associated Moodle Plugin. While h5p has been around for a while (it is fairly mature in WordPress and there are threads in the forum dating back a few years), if h5p is something fairly new on your radar, check out this introductory video and how it can be used to create interactive, HTML5 content:

Needless to say, the feedback in the forum was more than positive and it looks like we may have uncovered a hidden gem out there for instructors. You should especially check out the two videos created by Derek Chirnside in the forums here.

The h5p.org site also has specific guidance for using the technology within Moodle here: https://h5p.org/sites/default/files/H5P%2BMoodle.pdf

If you’re interested in getting in on the game with H5P – check out the resources here: https://h5p.org/moodle

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Do you use H5P to create interactive content in Moodle? Tell us about your favorite features in the comments below!

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  1. Two companies are trying to built H5P into a moodle activity.

    It would even be more powerful, if someone would create a filter which recognizes the H5P extension (and the names of the H5P exercises you create would be stored on the public server with a string like this in the name: 876fyt865r5rf9fd80t-y9ph-9i-9id3i-ii9876854hojhoi)


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