Want To Build An Online Community With Moodle? Listen to the experience of Leanne Courtney

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I don’t have any hard data to back me up, but I would be willing to venture a sizeable bet that one of the most common follies for schools and institutions, big and small, around the world, is that of “build it and they will come.” Amazingly, even in 2016, this typically plays out in a scenario where a school will take their in-class materials and simply put them online, or where a Moodlepreneur will upload a bunch of content to a site and expect their customers to hack their way through it on their own.

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Leanne Courtney of Upskilled in Australia presented her experience helping the company to not only implement Moodle, but ultimately, build an online learning experience that is valued and used by their student population.

Check out her presentation here, or just watch it below:

Recommended takeaways:

  • Leanne gives high praise to a University of New England Course focused on eLearning that she said was high value. If you’re going to start building a community, this could be a great jumping off point.
  • Leanne reviews the eLearning 2.0 Principles (and then mentions that there are now the eLearning 3.0 principles as well)
  • Probably the most important section / slide is what Upskilled has learned through the experience (a must-read section at 5:30 of the video)
  • Answering the question why does someone sign up for a course and then never complete it? (Hint: see Proshaska’s stages of change and Student mentoring)
  • What’s next for Upskilled – good ideas about what the future of online learning looks like for an already-successful provider, including gamification, collaborative learning, community building, and continued learning for internal staff.

What is your biggest hurdle as a Moodlepreneur? Tell us about it in the comments below!




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