Walk Your First-Time Students Through Moodle With User Tours

User tours are an easy way to show a user where everything is on a course. This is particularly useful for first-time moodlers. Especially for adults, non-tech savvy, or non-digital natives.

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The User Tours plugin allows you to set a step-by-step overview of the parts of the course you want to show.

The purpose of a user tour is to acquaint the user with the most important features of a course. Ask yourself: What are the sections of the course students will access most? For most courses the answer is course lessons (main content), forums, perhaps a calendar.

After that, it is a good idea to overview support options. What sections, actions or features will allow students to find help or guidance, no matter where he is? If the course includes a wiki, or the help pages for plugins that have them. If the teacher is available through email or social media, contact buttons can be highlighted with the tour.

If you think some of your students don’t need the tour, enable the “Skip Tour” in the design of the tour. And if the students want to play the tour more than once, a “Reset tour on this page” link will show at the bottom of the page of Moodle courses with the plugin enabled.

Once you have chosen the tour path, setting up the tour is easy. You can create a tour from scratch, or import one. Moodle.net has a handy user tour database. You can have several tours enabled, or reactivate them if you make notable changes to the course and want to highlight them to your students.

The Moodle page for User Tours is here.

Detailed instructions on using tours are available here.

The user tour directory is here.

And check out the GitHub repo here.

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