vidya mantra moodle partner announced yesterday that Vidya Mantra is the latest entrant to the Moodle Partner network. The upgrade of the long-time service provider in India brings the number of official partners to 76 in a rapidly growing global network.

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Based in New Delhi, Vidya Mantra provides end­-to­-end eLearning solutions for clients that include course planning, content development and portals complete with front-end websites and eCommerce across a suite of expert services that include hosting, theme design, software development, training, content creation, integration and customized technical services.

The entry couldn’t be more timely, just after the first official Moot in India in February and with growing demand for eLearning outlets across the subcontinent.

Click here to visit Vidya Mantra today.

Who do you think will be the next Moodle Partner? Tell us in the comments below!

Note: Vidya Mantra is an advertiser on MoodleNews.

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